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  1. Hi all..I have got admit frm UFL for MS Mechanical Eng with achievement award..Can u guys brief me abt the reputation of ufl for mech ? I am interested in fluid mech...
  2. Hi all..Is it true that ETH takes only toppers (9 pointers)...In pre app decision,is there anything called strongly recommended and jus recommended to apply ?
  3. Hi all.. Does UFL Mechanical Eng Dept gives any aid for MS students ?
  4. Hi all..Is anyone here waiting for ETHZ MSc Mechanical Eng ?
  5. Thanks..I didnt go 4 open house...I am also not expectin anythin good...
  6. Hi all ... Is there anyone here waiting for CWRU biomed for MS ? They arent even replying to mails regarding the app status..
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