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  1. As I am trying to decide on schools, I have some judgement calls to make. Among those, I have to figure out between University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor and University of Wisconsin -- Madison, which one is better. This is for PhD in Statistics. More precisely, 1. What are the strengths of each department? 2. Which one is usually considered better? Which one has better student body? Which one has better professors? 3. What are the job placements of the alumni? 4. Any other things to know about them? Thanks!
  2. I would like to know the approximate reputations among the UC schools for statistics program. UC Berkeley UC Los Angeles UC Davis UC Irvine UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz UC Riverside Is the list above reasonable in that order?
  3. I would like to know generally what schools are considered tier I, tier II, and tier III in statistics program? Would it be fair to say the following? TIER I Stanford; UC - Berkeley; Harvard; UW - Seattle; TIER II Chicago; CMU; Duke; Wharton; UW - Madison; TIER III UM - Ann Arbor; Cornell; Columbia; UCLA; As I am hearing back from some of the schools listed above, it is becoming increasingly harder to pick a school... I think tier-ing it up or knowing the reputation of the program would help me evaluate the programs better. I looked at many sources, including popular
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