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  1. Really?! That is interesting, I was not told that at all. But it makes sense why there's a 99% approval rate, maybe the 1% doesn't have to do with rank, it has to actually do with SSHRC does not approve? I have no idea but that is interesting news thank you for sharing
  2. and as long as the quota doesn't change
  3. I've heard of the budget changing and people at the bottom of the list (because even if you made the A-list you're still ranked on that list) getting bumped off. But I don't know of a specific example - it's just one of those SSHRC stories I've heard. So, here's hoping that you're ranked high / mid and not at the bottom so you don't get bumped off. That's why being on the A-list isn't 100% because of the fact that the quota can change between your Unis recommendation and time of actually giving the awards.
  4. I don't know if anyone replied to you yet so I'm going to It means that you've either made the Alternate OR A-list = both get sent to Ottawa and both lists get a confirmation email (I know because I've been on both lists). You have to check with your Uni which list you're on but congrats! either way you made on of them!
  5. depending how far you are from Ottawa - last year someone in Alberta heard June 1st, while people closer heard May 28th.
  6. Ah yes. This is common. The only school I've heard of NOT doing this is Carlton (but something tells me there's a reason for that). So you must be applying for first year at Queens? Basically this is how it works. Say you're first year at Queens you received a package of $14000 and THEN you win the SSHRC worth $17500 - basically it doesn't ADD together - you're institution will take back their $14000 and you only get the $17500. If you're funding package is worth $20000 and you win the SSHRC then you will get all $17500 from SSHRC and your school will now only give you $2500. If you
  7. What do you mean moves onto Ottawa - do you mean say you applied through Queens and you plan to do your MA at UofOttawa? it's based on the school you *applied through* so it doesn't matter where you go - it might have been a reason you made it to the A-list, but it won't be a reason you'd be removed from it. The only way you WON'T get a SSHRC after being on the A-list is if SSHRC changes the quota they gave to whatever school you applied through. So say you applied through Queens for your SSHRC, and you said you're doing your MA at UofOttawa - if SSHRC changes the quota for Queens - you may
  8. I would still apply if your final 2 years is a 3.9. I don't know how much they weigh in - but the departmental letter that you get from the head of your department has to calculate the last 2 years of your gpa and write it in their letter, so that tells me they focus in on that number and not the whole 4 years
  9. Misskira - that makes sense and I would agree. Check the website about funding, it should tell you "all students admitted will get X" and they are waiting to have a filled cohort before they start matching students with profs / research grants - they don't want to match you yet in case maybe you'd work best with 2 different profs, they want to see who else accepts an offer and then match. Do you have to accept your offer BEFORE receiving your funding letter?
  10. I was given enough funding to pay for tuition, books, and food, but I have a line of credit specifically for my rent. I could get an extra job, but I've chosen not to to focus on my school. I've also made the a-list of the SSHRC so if I receive the award I will have back payments starting May 2013, and funding every month till April 2014 - plus internal funding I received continuing from May to August. Fully funded programs exist ... mostly everywhere. The best thing to do is to apply to at least 3 grad programs, hope to get into 2, and then send your acceptance packages to the other schoo
  11. I heard from the schools I got accepted (5 MA programs, 4=soci 1=crim) at within 4 weeks starting the second week of February last year - I didn't have to do any interviews - and this includes being accepted at University of Ottawa (MA crim program). I heard from the school I'm attending now 1 week post application due date, but I know some people didn't hear till June / July. If you hear before March / April then you're most likely a first pick - if you hear in the summer then it means they're holding on to your application in case people decline their offer / withdrawal.
  12. I was an alternate my first SSHRC application. The chances are medium. Someone in from the A-list ie. those 4 people have to turn down the funding is from my understanding of the only way you win. Of those 4 students, 1 could not get into a program and have to decline or just no longer decide to go to grad school - I never got any email or letter in the fall about anything for my application as an alternate. But keep your hopes up, I do know someone who one as an alternate, she was notified in October of her first year in her MA.
  13. At the MA level its about 95-99% chance of winning because the universities are given a quota, so when they send on their A-list applicants, it's to FILL that quota - no more no less. The only way you don't win at the MA level is if SSHRC changes the quota due to budget cuts - then people at the end of the A-list get bumped down to the alternate list. Yes, it is possible to get a SSHRC and not into grad school. If you've been placed on the A-list you should tell the schools you've applied to for grad school, because they too know that it's a 95-99% chance of winning.
  14. thank you so much This is excellent news My project isn't very long so I will be done by April 2014... then when I saw that if I started September 2013 I would miss out on 4 months of funding I kind of freaked out a bit.
  15. OH! so it's just when I accept the award that I can change it - because I'm an MA student now... and I was just reading online that if I were to contact them and change my start date it could influence my eligibility but maybe that's for students who are entering an MA program for their first year? - so just waiting till I'm awarded and THEN changing the start date is totally fine?!
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