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  1. That is good to know, thank you!
  2. Hmm, well I'd want an industrial research job, but I got the impression most companies are not as interested in theorists and the ones that are have very few slots available. I also wouldn't mind working in academia or a non-industrial research lab, but there don't seem to be many jobs and the ones there are are scattered across the globe. Basically I'm not too fussy as long as I get some sort of job that doesn't make me feel like I've wasted the last four years of my life
  3. Everyone I talked to thinks I should pick Stanford because they never knew CMU was a good school before I told them it was. My best friend is also going to Stanford. However, CMU has no quals. How much of a consideration should that be? How many people actually fail Stanford's quals? I don't really have a preference for what I want to study but I'm thinking AI.
  4. Well I just haven't heard of any. In your experience what jobs are there for theoretical computer scientists, besides academia jobs or jobs in research labs? That's a comforting thought.
  5. Hi, I am getting a PhD in computer science but don't know what to specialize in. I originally wanted to do machine learning but after taking some classes I realized I am bad at programming. Then I wanted to do theoretical computer science, but after some reflection I thought I would not be able to find a job outside of academia. What should I do? Are there any fields of computer science that don't require you to be a Google level programmer but will still render you employable upon graduation?
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