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  1. Thank you, and congrats, likewise, on your acceptance at Nebraska! Sounds like a solid program with fantastic faculty. Lincoln's a neat, progressive town. And their football games are something to be seen. I haven't heard the rumors about the CW PhD not being taken seriously, but then, I don't intend to seek teaching jobs that don't have at least some CW component to them. Who told you this, and what were their reasons? Everyone I know who's gone through a top-tier CW PhD program has landed some sort of teaching gig that doesn't seem half bad. Many still complain about their jobs, but that seems to be a teacher's prerogative. But if you want to teach at Yale, that's another story. As for funding, I don't really want to get into it on a public forum, but suffice it to say funding's included in the offer.
  2. I'm in the CW PhD application pool this year. So far, I've been accepted at Cincinnati. It's the first school I've heard from, out of six. Excited, like you, by the idea of going on to a full-time academic teaching position rather than adjuncting. Excited to be with a group of creative people again. Excited to be in school again, actually. To teach, to learn. Worried that this is a big time commitment. That the teaching job I'll get will be in nowheresville, far from interesting arts and culture. Or that, after all the years in the program, I'll just wind up adjuncting, anyway. Your thoughts?
  3. Squideesha

    Cincinnati, OH

    Any insights into living in Cincy as a grad student without a car? Also, I'm a single woman, but grew up in a large city, previously went to grad school near Detroit, and like up and coming/gentrifying neighborhoods. So, Over The Rhine actually appeals to me...but I'm worried about a) living there by myself and living there without a car, trying to get to UC every day. Does this sound doable? Safe?
  4. I'm going to this recruitment weekend at UC, as well. Everything is paid for, and you're being invited because they've accepted you. Congratulations!
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