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  1. It most likely is, but it wouldn't hurt to e-mail the departments you're considering and double check (just to be absolutely sure) - I did that yesterday just to confirm.
  2. Anyone hear back from Texas A&M after applying for a MS or PhD? I turned in my app a little later but still on time, and am getting a little anxious about hearing back with the April 15th deadline coming up soon for other schools.
  3. I recently got accepted to UT-Austin as a Master's student in Statistics in the Division of Stats and Scientific Computing, and am curious if anyone is a student there or knows much about their program. It seems like a fairly new department so it's been hard to find much good info about it, but it looks pretty neat with the flexibility and interdisciplinary aspect of it. I'm planning on visiting there (as well as A&M) next month to get a feel for both and hopefully get some questions answered but in the mean time, hoping someone can provide some details!
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