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    I'm actually moving almost the exact # of miles as you. So I've done a bit of research as to the cheapest way to move, check out this page: http://www.moving.com/Moving_and_Planni ... p?wtid=300 You will receive discounts at Budget and Penske if you use the link on that page. You could also consider ABF, it may be cheaper, for me it came out to be about the same. I don't have a ton of stuff, so my estimated moving expenses is about $1,000. Unfortunately unless someone is moving to the same place around the same time and want to share a truck, I don't foresee the cost dropping.
  2. Good info hydnsare. I can't speak for other sciences but I know for engineering, the undergrad programs are generally speaking very challenging. The undergrad attrition rate is up to 70% (71% in 2004 at my school), so those that made it out are already hardened with the work load and the stress for 5 yrs. I always joke about the lack of free time/personal/love life, perenial sleep deprvation, and constant stress. So to me, grad school is just going to more of the same. But I imagine for some other discplines, the amount of work involved in grad school may come as a shock. I think this may expl
  3. I think many of us are the in the situation as you. Just realize that you've already made the qualification process where else many people did not. Thus, you have already been deemed worthy by the school. Grad students are expensive for a school, so they don't just randomly pick people out of a street. You'll do fine
  4. rethinkinng, don't worry about the whole "screwing people over" bit, that's just one person blowing smoke. In my opinion, if a student is teetering on the edge of acceptance so much that not admitting one person would make the difference of acceptance and rejection, then that student hasn't worked hard enough in the first place. If that student is more qualified than you, then he/she wouldn't even be in that kind of predicament. So don't let the guilt trip get to you and do what you have to do. Having said that, I noticed you mentioned "financial stability and a fulfilling personal life". T
  5. I'm not from GT, although I have lived in Atlanta before (Emory) for a short time. I'll be heading to GT in the fall for ECE. Check out this thread for information about Atlanta and GT: http://thegradcafe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=248
  6. Is there any reason why you would want to transfer? GT's bioengineering ranking this year is #3, ahead of the 3 schools you want to transfer to: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/grad/r ... _brief.php Besides, GT by itself is regarded as one of the best engineering schools out there. You already have a great financial aid package, I personally see no reason to transfer. I do not know the procedures in Bioengineering, but for ECE, you can petition to change your status from PhD student to terminal Masters, and if it is approved, you can leave with just a master's degree.
  7. hey man, good to hear from you again. I take it you liked your visit to GT better than UT and UMN? I didn't know you are from Germany, that's a long ways out!
  8. morfinx

    Atlanta, GA

    hi girrums, glad to see you could make it
  9. You going to UU? I grew up in SLC. It's a nice place that is nestled in the valley. It's a very beautiful city in my opinion. You can definitely get around the campus without a car, there are shuttles and also busses. My father got his PhD from UU, so I used to walk all over the campus to see him by myself. Back then I wasn't old enough to drive so I had a bus pass and went everywhere around town with it. Streets are very easy to navigate, everything originates from the city center which is the Mormon Temple, and streets are all numbered, such as N 1100th St. The streets are all perpendicular
  10. MS Electrical & Computer Engineering, and health insurance is not included as far as I know.
  11. 12.6k stipend for Georgia Tech in Atlanta, I think it's the lowest amount I've seen anywhere
  12. Ahh cool, I learn something new everyday. When I saw that I automatically thought "Input/Output Psychology", but that can't be it!
  13. I'm in for MS Electrical & Computer Engineering. Pardon my ignorance, but what is I/O Psychology?
  14. Well the only funding usually for graduate students are assistantships or fellowships. If you don't get either, then the next best option is probably Stafford loan. Once you get your foot in the door, you can try to get an assistantship position by the next semester.
  15. morfinx

    Atlanta, GA

    You mean... sport and gt6 are one the same? :shock: I've actually spent quite a lot of time looking over Google map (I even memorized the address: 777 Atlantic Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322), and checking over the parking site. I'd rather not pay the $520 if I don't have to, do you think it's doable to not park on campus? The SmartPark commuter pass does seem interesting, and could come in handy during adverse weather. But it says you can only park in W23 and E81: http://www.parking.gatech.edu/parking/1 ... rtpark.php Parking Map: http://www.parking.gatech.edu/info/1_ma ... N_2005.pdf L
  16. Excellent, I went to Emory for 1 semester then I realized I'm poor So I went back to TX. This year marks my triumphant return to ATL. *insert maniacal laugh here*
  17. morfinx

    Atlanta, GA

    I'm doing MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering in the fall, how about yourself? Since I'm out of state right now, it is somewhat difficult for me to personally check out the houses. But I do know someone that is living in Homepark right now, I suppose I can always ask him if a certain house is always rowdy or not. How safe is the Homepark area? It looks to be walking distance just looking at a map, but is it feasible to walk or ride a bike to class? I'd get a parking pass but it's pretty expensive, and I heard parking on campus is hell.
  18. Anyone going to GT in the fall?
  19. morfinx

    Atlanta, GA

    Hey sport, I did look at a few places around midtown that have $700+ studio apartments. They all seem very nice and I'd love to live there, but unfortunately I was only offered a 1/3 time assistantship to start with, that is 12.6k a yr stipend (*fist in the air*). So sadly I can't afford to have my own place, at least not til I can get 1/2 time assistantship. I've been recommended to the Homepark area that is directly north of the Tech campus (Terrel St, Tumblin St, Calhoun St, Atlantic Dr etc). The prices seem reasonable and some of the houses are within walking distance to campus, although t
  20. morfinx

    Atlanta, GA

    Can anyone comment on Georgia Tech housing? I'm probably going there for grad school. I've been told living in Midtown would be the best bet since public transportation is not so great, and even if you don't live too far off campus, you'd have to get up at 6am just to beat the traffic. Anyone had any good experiences with any particualr apartment complex? Funny thing is, I started undergrad at Emory, but had to transfer soon after since Emory was too expensive for me. I was only there for one semester, and I never really left the campus much, and when I did I rode in friends' cars. I just r
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