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  1. Thank you for all of the great suggestions! Virago: The Syracuse Florence program seems amazing, especially since it's a great opportunity to focus on fluency. If you are currently looking at the umass program, I am studying with Professor Schmitter now as an undergrad. Flaneuse: The University of Michigan's program is at the top of my list because of Megan Holmes. Have you studied there/would you mind if I pm you?
  2. I am definitely interested in this as well! Also, how is an MA from BGC viewed when applying to phd programs?
  3. I never thought of it that way, but I definitely should. Hopefully I can find a balance between the Italian literature and Art History professors. Thanks for all the advice!
  4. Yeah, according to CAA Pinto has been the advisor for most Italian renaissance graduates, but I would definitely be better off elsewhere. Do you know if Hopkins has hired a new medieval professor yet?
  5. Princeton has Heuer and Pinto, however, I'm not sure if my research aligns very well with theirs. artofdescribing: Thanks I'll definitely take a look at those!
  6. I will be applying next fall to doctoral and masters programs for Italian Renaissance art. I am particularly interested in taking an interdisciplinary approach with a focus on Italian literature (I will definitely be applying to Emory for Jean Campbell). Which programs do you think I should look into? My current list: Syracuse Florence program, Rutgers, Emory, Umich, Uva, Columbia, Williams (MA), and BGC (MA) Thank you very much for your help! As I'm sure all of you know, it's difficult to sift through so many programs.
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