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  1. I think I have decided to take time off after I graduate. This application season has been extremely stressful and everything seemed to be go wrong. On top of that I feel like my interests have evolved from the time I originally applied and I missed a lot of schools that would have been better fits for my interests. I think I will apply again to different schools next season and work on figuring out what I really want to research and which schools would be my best fit. At the same time I want to use the year off to increase my current skill levels to possibly make myself a better candidate. Th
  2. Thank you so much. I feel like I do have a strong profile, and may have underestimated how strong it was. If I could do it again, I would definitely apply to more highly ranked schools that I never considered before. The faculty at the new program do have good contacts, I am just worrying about living off of the stipend they are providing. I just feel like I am letting everyone down if I don't go somewhere - my parents, my advisers, the other people who wrote letters of recommendation for me. I'm so torn up and stressed out that I everything is becoming so hard to handle. If I could do it over
  3. Just wondering if any one else is feeling regrets about the whole application process, even if you have already been admitted. If you could do it over and do it differently, would you? Are there schools you regret not considering?
  4. I've been accepted into two PhD programs. One of the programs is a well established mid-ranked program, but after further thought, I do not feel that it is a good fit for me. The other program both has people I want to work with and a program in which I fit. But it is relatively new, I worry that it doesn't have the courses I will need to prepare me for grant writing and teaching,the funding isn't great (it would be hard to live off of). I am worried about stalling and about being able to get a teaching position afterwards. Other than those worries, it seems like the perfect place, and th
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