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  1. hey wind, honestly...and oddly, i was not nervous at all about the interview. the workshop was pretty interesting and i was pretty relaxed for the one-on-one interview. just remember to breathe and be yourself! you'll be fine. remember, they get about 140 applicants and only call about 30 so you obviously stood out and are qualified. so whatever the end results are, be proud of yourself! and again, good luck!!!
  2. hey wind, i'm not sure if their process has changed at all since my interview with them was last year...but you basically walk into a room with large work tables-about 4 chairs to a table. there's paper, some crayons, pencil and eraser. you are asked to conduct about 3 or 4 assignments in that room while called out individually for personal one-on-one interviews. once your interview is over, you go back to completing your projects and leave. the whole process took about 3-4 hours. good luck!
  3. does seattle university require interviews for acceptance? i've received requests for interviews from all schools i've applied to except for them...
  4. syou

    New York, NY

    Has anybody heard anything from NYU after interviewing? How long do they take to let you know if you've been accepted or not?
  5. syou

    And now we wait

    yah...the waiting game...i've also been staring at my phone and every time i hear an alert, i check immediately only to be disappointed and annoyed by irrelevant texts or emails. i have even told my friends to stop texting me and emailing me lol this wait is miserable...ugh!
  6. Does anybody have information on NYU's graduate art therapy interview and workshop? I am flying out this Saturday and would like to know what to expect. What will be doing at the workshop? If anybody can give me any answers, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. Hey jghan17, I received an email from them on 2/10/13 to schedule an interview/workshop. I will be flying out there this Saturday for my interview. Maybe try contacting them to check your status on your application. Btw, I applied super early...December last year. When did you apply? If you applied a little later, maybe that might be the reason for the delay?
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