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  1. I will be starting in the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program this fall!
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    Ames, IA

    So Ames is a nice small town but not a very happening place. We have lots of bars and movie theatres but not much more than that in the way of entertainment. The mall is pretty bad though we did just get a few more stores and the Iowa State Center has concerts and plays. Main Street area is nice but kind of pricy. Des Moines is only about 30 minutes away though so you do have access to more stuff within a reasonable drive. Winters are damn cold with some -30 degree days with the nasty wind here. Summers are really hot and humid (though if you are from the south you probably wouldn't think this). Snow hasn't been too bad the last few years. Major rental companies are Hunziker, Total, Jensen, Horizon, and First. West Ames is a lot of undergrads, by the mall is a lot of international students and north Ames (Sommerset area) is a lot of grad/married students. The university has apartments for grad students but I have not lived there and don't know what they are like. CyRide is the bus system and it is pretty good. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful and very pedestrian oriented. If you are planning on moving to Ames look for apartments ASAP. They go fast and most places have be showing apartments for a month already at this point.
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