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  1. 紅葉してきた http://t.co/Rx1hrHE8uA
  2. @ikkgetaway oh yeah.
  3. I'm still waiting for Michigan and UCSD. Hope I would hear good news like leofanxiong.
  4. Thank you all for helpful information! I got an email from Austin right now, indicating I'm rejected. Still waiting for Berkeley, UCSD, and Michigan. And now, I have sent an email to Berkeley asking about my status. Hope they would give me a good news. (I know my chance is nearly zero.) Any further information on Berkeley, UCSD and Michigan's PhD admissions would be highly appreciated.
  5. > ab2013 Thank you for the clarification. It's very understandable that they have visit days at this time of the year. Did you receive any notifications about waitlist? I'm starting to worry that my application was incomplete, as ssk2 suggested. (his/her case was at Austin, but still.)
  6. > ssk2 Thx for the information. Apparently my letters are all submitted correctly. GRE, TOEFL scores as well. Hope all my applications are complete.. Congrats to your Cornell and Brown offer, btw!
  7. Oh really? I couldn't find it in the department calendar. Hmm. Thx for the summary! I see several MS rejection reports by UT Austin applicants in the gradcafe results today. Mine is still "under review." Anyone received e-mail about waitlist from your program?
  8. Hi jdeep, Yeah, we never know. That's certainly true. My interest is "smart grid." My major is CS, but I also read a lot of papers about power system. What about yours?
  9. Thx for the replies! Since the discussions on the forum is mainly about MS lately, I was under an impression that it is customary to think we are rejected already at this time of the year. Perhaps I was wrong? I know it doesn't change my chances, but it feels so good to know someone else is also waiting for the same program.
  10. I know this kind of topic is ubiquitous, but I can't help it. And I think you'd understand... I'm applying to PhD programs in CS, and waiting for the results from Berkeley, UT Austin, Michigan, and UC San Diego. Anyone else still waiting for these? Since Berkeley has grad student visit days in few days, I assume there's almost no hope for Berkeley. But what about the others? Any thoughts?
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