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  1. Housing offers are online! I got into a furnished 2 bedroom in Weyburn.
  2. I will also be attending UCLA this fall (ACCESS). Has anyone received any sort of communication from UCLA after submitting your SIR/SLR? I submitted mine last week but I haven't received any email from the school or my program after that.
  3. I have been checking this website: https://www.gradadmissions.ucla.edu/newapp/Login.asp?topage=AdmissionStatus.asp every day. Just enter your email, click on Fall 2013 and then enter your application password. If your letter is already uploaded then the letter should show up.
  4. I finally received the official letter from the Graduate Division! I haven't actually received the email yet, but I checked the Decision Status page and my letter was already uploaded. The letter was dated 3/8/13. I received my department recommendation for admission on 2/21.
  5. Is anyone else still waiting for the Graduate Division to email them their official acceptance? I've been admitted to my program (ACCESS) more than 4 weeks ago, but I haven't heard back from the UCLA Graduate Division yet.
  6. Same here. I'm just wondering why it's taking so long for the Graduate Division to process all the paperwork. I want to accept their offer now!
  7. People who have been accepted to UCLA ACCESS, have you received an email from the UCLA Graduate Division yet? I received the unofficial acceptance from the program 3 weeks ago, but I'm still waiting for the official email.
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