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  1. Thank you guys so much for all the help. I've been looking around foggy bottom and the prices are pretty expensive. For those of you who know GWU or the area pretty well what areas would you suggest to live in? I went to college in a really really boring city and coming to D.C. I really want to live in a very active place, meaning around a lot of restaurants, malls, grocery stores etc. and has a fun nightlife! Do you guys have suggestions for areas that would have these things, and that are close to GWU? Thanks!
  2. I guess affordable for me would be anything less than $1000 and ideally I would like to live relatively near the GWU grad school campus. So maybe less than a couple metro stops away. Or if possible somewhere in the area. Do you know the areas that are closest to the campus? I do not know anything about GWU or the area. I've heard the name foggy bottom often so I'm guessing thats close to the campus but any other areas nearby would be helpful so I can start my search. Thanks!
  3. I'm going to be starting school at GWU this fall. Any recommendations for affordable housing near campus? or even affordable housing for grad students near a metro stop?
  4. Has anyone else been accepted into GWU's Re-Entry program for this upcoming semester?
  5. Oh wow! Well looks like we'll be waiting for a while then! Thanks though! SLP1990 I'm waiting for GWU too and I was reading earlier that someone got accepted off the wait-list earlier today, but congrats on Florida State!
  6. Just curious, but has anyone heard back from schools they were wait-listed for? Since the deadline was April 15th for most decisions, just wondering as to when those of us put on wait-list would hear back. Thanks and good luck!
  7. For those of you who got into grad school for SLP in the fall, first off congrats, secondly, when do you guys have to make your final decision for schools? Just wondering so I can keep a look out for e-mails from the schools I was wait-listed for.
  8. katie-bird: WOW! Thanks so much!!! I'm definitely looking into those schools right away!
  9. Great thank you! I will definitely send e-mails just in case!
  10. Inny: Oh sweet! And ya, I would love to go to England! So I'm just trying to keep my options open and look out for exciting opportunities!
  11. Oh really! Thanks! I looked into a couple schools in England, but they said the were not accredited so I wasn't sure. Thanks!
  12. This might be a random question.. But does anyone know of any SLP masters programs that are accredited outside the United States?
  13. Hey Everyone! So with this round of applications potentially not working out, I'm looking at other options. Since I don't have any SLP pre-requisites, I was thinking of taking this next year to do them online. I've looked at the schools I want to apply too and most of them have around 5 of the same pre-requisites: Audiology, Phonetics, Anatomy & Physiology, Language Development, and Intro to Speech and Lang. Disorder. Does anyone know if I take these 5 classes through Utah State's online program, will these classes count as pre-reqs for the bigger schools such as JMU, GWU, NYU etc? My concern is that since the title isn't the same, the school wont count it for credit. For example: One of GWU's pre-reqs is Phonetics and Phonological Disorders, But if I were to take just plain Phonetics at UTU, would that count for the same thing? Thanks for the help!!
  14. Okay great thanks!! I was just curious as to whether I should go the whole route and take a SLP post-bacc program or if I should just take 4-5 pre-reqs during the next year and apply for the 2014 application cycle. I applied for 2013 but I didn't get into any schools, and I figured it was because I didn't haven't any SLP classes done. Do you guys have any suggestions? Any advice is really appreciated!!
  15. Just out of curiosity for out-of-field students, for those who did their major in SLP or completed a post-bacc program for SLP, were all of your pre-reqs complete and accounted for when applying to various graduate schools?
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