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  1. taize

    Fulbright 2013-2014

    So has anyone ever had a positive TB skin test result??? Runner, athlete, in excellent health. Doc predicts chest xray will be clear. Of course this happens on a Friday afternoon. Have to wait until tomorrow to make appointment.
  2. taize

    Fulbright 2013-2014

    Sorry to hear about your alternate status CrystalDee...been rooting for you. And will continue to do so! May they find the funding...for all the alternates. It's been a long and winding road.
  3. taize

    Fulbright 2013-2014

    Hi. first time poster. My question is about mandatory PDOs. Is there any information as to dates for these? Are they conducted by region? Some eastern european countries mention mid July. My son has been recommended for an ETA to Ukraine. I ask because it is his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and there are plans afoot for a party and we'd like it not to interfere with the PDO if , fingers crossed, he were to be accepted. (logistical nightmare to set a date given the grandkids range from elementary to college). I don't want to even mention this issue to him. He's so busy right now finishing up his thesis etc...same reason I would never tell him I stumbled onto this forum! He'd probably try to read the forum from page 1! And it does seem to increase anxiety. I know I feel more anxious now. Good luck to all of you!

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