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  1. I have a friend in Case Westen studying BME and I think they have a strong bio-imaging program including biophotonics. From what I know about NW, their BME leans toward Biomechanics and neural engineering. I think grad from both schools have good job prospect
  2. Thank you for your thoughts! Funding is another issue, the both professors at Delaware do not have funding for additional students. So I were going there, I have to work around to find other professor as my primary adviser and have the professor of interests co-advise my PhD. But the first year is university-funded.so I have about an year to find my adviser. I do not mind working my PhD on what I want to do. It is this sense of uncertainty that makes me concerned. Thus, I want to explore the MS program and see whether they would open more opportunities (such as conversion to PhD) for me.
  3. My research interests are whole-body locomotion/neuromuscular control. Got admitted to PhD in Mechanical Engineering at U of Delaware, which has two great professors in this area and close partnership with its top physical therapy program in the nation. Admission to MS programs in BME at U Mich and USC(None of them are funded). I am asking for ideas on the chances to convert MS to PhD at these two schools. I heard U Mich does not encourage professors converting MS students to PhD. Maybe I am wrong. What about USC? BTW, I am looking forward to finding a job eventually. Maybe the name of
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