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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. I am not completely sure about which area to specialize in but I am mostly interested in Systems and Software Engineering. CMU is famous for their courses in systems but I am unsure if this would justify the high cost. Do you have any input on these sub-areas at Stony Brook?
  2. Hi Everyone, I would really love your opinions on my admits as I have to make a decision soon and am unsure of which to choose. Here are my admits with total costs: Carnegie Mellon University (INI) - MS Information Security Technology and Management - $48,000 or $68,000 depending on when you finish. (12k scholarship) SUNY Stony Brook : MS Computer Science - $23,000 University of Southern California : MS Computer Science - $37,500 (5k scholarship) I am not too interested in research or pursuing a PhD so I am mainly concerned about getting a job afterwards. CMU's program is top notch but I am not sure if it is worth the cost. I am leaning towards Stony Brook since it is so cheap and a great program. I would appreciate some advice on this. Good luck to everyone this season!
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