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  1. Hi all, I'm curious if anyone has any knowledge of which anthro phd programs specialize in medical anthropology? Looking at rankings of various anthropology programs doesn't really give much information about the relative merits of their offerings in medical anthropology. Some programs are explicitly in "Medical Anthropology", whereas others seem to have a "focus" in med anthro or a concurrent MPH with an Anthro phd. I don't want to limit myself to programs that are explicitly in med anthro, as long as there are faculty with research interests similar to mine. I'm interested in mental health and psychiatry, among other things. I've also recently learned about the HASTS program at MIT. Does anyone know of any similar interdisciplinary programs that incorporate anthro? I like their focus on science/technology. I appreciate any advice!! Thanks!
  2. I'm planning on applying to some fairly selective phd programs in anthropology. I took my GRE a couple of weeks ago and I left thinking I'd done fairly well: 660verbal/750quant. However, when I got my writing score in the mail, I was shocked. I got a 4.5. For me, this is a very low score. I was an English minor in college and was always considered by my professors and classmates to be an excellent writer. In fact, I was so confident in my writing abilities that I did almost no preparation for this portion of the test. I was nervous on test day, and I guess I wrote some pretty unremarkable essays. Anyway, I'm sure that if I retook the test I could improve my score. I've heard that the AW section is not very heavily weighted (if at all) by admissions committees. Is it worth it to retest? Or is it a waste of time and money? I'm fairly satisfied with my other scores, although I did score 700 verbal on both ETS practice tests, and it's possible I could improve this score as well. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!
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