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  1. I have family in the greater SF area. Thanks cyberwulf for the suggestion, and DMX for your thoughts.
  2. I imagine the separation is mostly between the depth of mathematics background and research experience. It seems that, at least for Stanford, the GPAs are similar (listed on their site as 3.9 for Master's and 3.94 for PhD). Although the lack of a third digit on the former perhaps boasts what it is intended to obscure... Couldn't tell from poking around a few department sites if there was a GRE Q difference between Master's and PhD students. Thank you creed, and biostat_prof, for the feedback thus far. I have another concern: Would Calc III or a Probability Class be more beneficia
  3. Hi all, I'm thinking about applying for Masters for Fall 2014. My profile: Work Experience: 1.5 Years as of now at a top shop (like GS, MS, BlackRock, Pimco). Two projects were statistics/scripting focused: Built an R model to forecast loan default rates for a foreign central bank client using a logistic regression Designed a process for emulating insurance liabilities using a portfolio of financial securities (basically a regression with the liabilities as the dependent variable iterated over different security types as predictors) GRE: 167 for both Quant and Verbal UG G
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