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  1. Is anyone else still waiting?
  2. @nolo123 - http://www.poliscijobrumors.com/topic.php?id=61468 Has anyone from a PoliSci program heard back from Law and Social Sciences?
  3. This is a great thread. I'm nervous about starting a program. I have been home with my (now) toddler son for a few years (though not exactly full time). I wrote about my son in my SOP, because otherwise the two year hiatus from practicing law seemed odd. I'm glad that it is a known factor with the programs, because I've received a lot of encouragement and advice from profs and current students. Also, I figured if a program was hostile to the situation it was better to be rejected than accepted.
  4. I was unable to attend the WashU recruiting weekend, but will be visiting next week. If you attended the recruiting weekend, please let me know your impressions of the program. Thanks!
  5. I left the recruiting weekend with a positive impression. I was impressed with the Public Law and American Politics faculty. The current students seemed like nice people to be around. There was a general sense of a department that is moving up.
  6. I don't think there would be any problem with making arrangements for another day (later or earlier). I think your anxiety is understandable but misplaced. For what it is worth, I had to ask for special arrangements with my top pick to come on a date other than the recruiting weekend.
  7. 25. Fleeting delusions of grandeur and persecution. I'm going to get in everywhere ... They are out to get me because I am just too good ...
  8. Thanks! I'm excited about WUSTL. I have a lot of ties to UT and am trying to sort it out. All of my recommenders are very high on Texas because they all have serious connections to the school. I figured I needed to talk to people outside of the immediate circle.
  9. Between Texas and WUSTL - what are your thoughts? Also, any info regarding Arizona and Virginia is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. My law degree is from UTexas and I will completely concede that law school is like trade school. Its also a rough way to break into academics. The admissions are easier, but the internal competition is very high for the academic positions. The pay is very good to compete with the market, and thus the jobs are highly sought after. So, you have to out law school the other would be profs/psychotic over achievers, which is a hard path. Also, you end up teaching in the very manner you dislike learning in... I think sticking with your guns and attacking the grad school route is better. I went to law school thinking it would be like grad school. I practiced thinking it would be more like law school. On and on... until here I am going back to school for a PhD. I don't regret the JD or years in the field, but I don't think law school is a good sub for grad school.
  11. 11. All plans for further than a week away are contingent on the state and results of pending decisions. 12. You have started developing baseball player style superstitions - lucky clothing, counting, other OCD habits. 13. You don't go out so you can obsessively check. 14. You go out for the sole purpose of avoiding obsessively checking. 15. Your filing system for your applications, responses, etc., is a complex system you created and refined over multiple months.
  12. Mine was the same regarding two years. I have concerns about that aspect, in part based on info from a friend...
  13. The fine folks in Austin are working late today ... I just got in! Offer for TA position.
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