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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I will be sending out private messages to get an opinion about the 2nd school. A little about us: I come from a european (irish/english) background while my boyfriend is an international asian who I met during his masters. I feel that I understand American culture better since I grew up here (so for example no advanced phd classes in a phd program is odd) while he feels that he has the know how because it's HIS field. Once again, thanks everyone for helping out and contributing your opinions. It's been very helpful. I'll be relying on your advice and inpu
  2. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! Looking forward to any new advice or perspective!
  3. He was admitted to the Statistics track. I assume it would be difficult to switch. Actually, I am not sure if you saw it, but in one of the links that I gave above it shows outcomes. http://www.ams.sunysb.edu/graduate/PhDAlumni.pdf I'm very skeptical about going to SB to go into wallstreet from stats it seems like most people are stuck in post doc?
  4. Can you get nonbiostatistic jobs with a biostatistics phd? How do you find out if a person is famous or a strong advisor then? For a person like me with no background in statistics?
  5. Could you elaborate a little on this please? Sorry I'm in the medical field and do not understand what makes good or bad research in statistics. From what my boyfriend tells me, you can gauge the quality of research that is done at a school by looking at the faculty you will be working with. "At this point I don't feel that I can tell you which program is better unless you have a good list of job placement out of both programs; and this is something that your boyfriend and you can look at for yourselves. There are some pros/cons to both (although Ivy-league background does not mean
  6. It is a biostatistics program with a lot of funding and potential. I can't really say which one because it would give away his identity. It has its own dedicated department. I'm sorry if that does not help a lot. The other concern is that the faculty from the biostats program is "weaker" than stony brook's few 5 statistics faculty. The few statistics faculty at stony brook have some ivy league backgrounds while for the most part the other school has some mid tier backgrounds (University of Florida for example)
  7. Stony Brook is not on the same level as UNC, Harvard, Cornell, Mellon, etc. right? Maybe you could get away with reduced Ph.D level courses from top tier schools but can you get away with it with Stony Brook level? And my boyfriend has it in his head that he can get marketing, banking, wall street types of jobs coming out of the statistics program at Stony Brook because it's a known school in NY... in my opinion I think he is wrong.
  8. I took a look at the colleges in your signature and they all have Ph.D level statistics courses and requirements...
  9. Washington University in St. Louis was Ph.D in Civil Engineering Princeton I forget but it heavily involved Fluid Dynamics. And about the whole "self learning" aspect. Doesn't this hurt you later on if you choose to go into academia? I would not hire someone with a Ph.D who only took some watered down MS level courses and "self learned" as a professor... would you?
  10. I have never heard of a Ph.D program NOT having Ph.D level courses and having a student only taking courses (at the MS level) for the first year. I asked my uncle who got a Ph.D from Princeton and my father who got a Ph.D from Washington University in St. Louis who both said this was very very suspicious.
  11. Hello everyone I am in need of advice. My boyfriend obtained admission to Stony Brook's Applied Mathematics and Statistics Ph.D program, specifically for the statistics track late February. He also got funding and was very happy. However, since then, he has received other offers and has begun comparing programs. In the process of comparing programs, a closer look to Stony Brook's program raised some red flags. I am concerned that the Ph.D is very questionable (fake Ph.D). I hope you guys can help offer some second opinions and confirm whether or not we should be worried about the integ
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