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  1. I will start my 4th and final year in the fall (same fall as my grad school application). What matters most? My 2nd and 3rd year or my 3rd and 4th year?
  2. Are you saying that only 3rd year's grades matter for admission?
  3. So, grad schools look at the last 2 years for admission right? But since applications are due in the fall of my last year, how will they see my 4th year's grades?
  4. How do the top Canadian schools stack up to top US schools? Are there significant differences to consider?
  5. Bren, why did you want a program with a masters on the way to PhD? Did anyone consider the number of citations referring to the professor's publications as a criteria for choosing a supervisor?
  6. Are those in order of importance? How would you know the advisor's advising style?
  7. I am interested in going for a PhD in social psych. What criteria should I use for selecting a school/program?
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