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  1. I'm definitely IR, interested in formal modelling causes of war and political psychology! Media studies and American foreign policymaking too! Edit: Because people messaging (who are awesome btw!) have asked about my stats, I'm working with a 3.4 undergrad gpa from a top liberal arts college/university (ranked ~5), a 3.8 from an MA at a ~50 ranked school and a GRE score of ~1400. I've got publications in foreign affairs outlets like TNI, one in FP and a couple of others, but only one journal (a very lowly tiered one).
  2. Hey all, I'm applying this season after having flunked last time around. Honestly, it was my own fault. I didn't match up fit-wise with the schools I applied to and only sent in materials to a few. I'm back and have been very much trying to match myself up in terms of fit and chances of admission. I've identified a number of good schools with multiple scholars I'd be interested in working with, but I was wondering which 50-75 ranked programs are generally thought of as good deals in terms of placement and the likes? Additionally, I'd be very interested to know if anyone has any pe
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