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  1. Hey Tekaruk Thanks for the feedback, do not get confused with my reply. Perhaps, cause I am from the IT field, so its a little different I guess, the research happens in and outside of the academic field. I should have mentioned that earlier to avoid the confusion. Anyhow, thanks again and definitely will update the post once I have published an article.
  2. Hi TakeruK, thanks for the reply. yeah, I am planning to get into a Phd course but not right now, in say maybe a few years time.I am just thinking that the if indeed my articles do get published, that would really help in my CV and get me funding in the university that I would enrol in. Requentin, independent scholar..wow...so that's what it is called. Thanks Research should not be limited to the academia field right, I mean, what about people like me, who have left school and still interested in research but perhaps have many reason not to start in any specific school now. For me, per
  3. Hi I am interested in writing a journal article, I sort of know in what field that I want to write in, the journal list that I want to submit to. The concern here is that I am not a research student in any university, I am actually a working adult. Journal articles are usually submitted by university student or working adults and the author usually has to submit their details.However, when I publish the journal, I do not want to be affiliated with any organisation( company that I am working with). I have not enrolled for any graduate research course at any university for now. I do have
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