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  1. Hi there, I was recently offered admission to the MS in Mathematics program at NYU Courant and the MS in Applied Mathematics at Columbia University APAM. I can't decide which one to attend. My ultimate goal is *maybe* a PhD down the road or, if not, a quantitative industry role in technology or finance. Does anyone have an opinion or any information that might help me make my decision? Thanks, Parker
  2. Hi there, I was recently accepted to an (unfunded) MS in Mathematics program. I don't think have the credentials to apply for funding yet, as I want to go through my first year of study before deciding on where I want to focus research for my thesis. My question is, if I pay for my first year through student loans and get a funding through a fellowship in my second year, will the funding cover the tuition that I already a loan for in my first year? I suppose the answer is highly dependent on the program. If there are any programs that do, I would like to hear about them, otherwise, wha
  3. I was admitted to the Masters in Applied Mathematics at Columbia University's Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics (APAM). Can anyone comment on this program or the department in general? I am seriously considering attending.
  4. Are you referring to a 167 Quant score? That's my Verbal score, 163 is my Quant score.
  5. I just took the GRE today and have an unofficial score of 167V/163Q. The verbal is great but I was expecting a higher score on the quantitative portion. I understand other parts of the application are very important (SOP, LOR) but, all else equal, would it be worth retaking the GRE to improve the quantitative score? I am aiming for top MSCS programs like Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, and CMU. Thanks, monmon_4
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