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  1. Hi future education grads! I was originally posting in the English forum but I've decided to apply to M.A.T. type programs instead. I'm back to square one in terms of my apply-to-this-school list. Can anyone tell me about Wash U in St. Louis' M.A.T. program? Q's: Is it terribly selective? How is living in St. Louis? (We are a family of 3 so this is important.) Do you get time in the classroom? Etc... Thank you, ~arcticfoxes~
  2. Oh! Ok, I see. Better to focus then on specific locations and learn the intricacies of their certification processes. Ok, got it. I suppose then, it's much better for me to apply to M.A.T. programs (instead of just M.A.) since it won't hurt my chances of acceptance into a future PhD program. Whew! That takes a load off my back--as a family we want to get the hell out of Florida (no offense to anyone that loves living here, it's just not for us) and where we move depends on which school accepts me for graduate studies. The M.A.T. plus cert. means more stable employment for me sooner than with t
  3. Thanks ComeBack, so you're saying that even if I end up with a M.A.T. I could still get into a PhD program in Lit eventually (even if it's not run through the english dept.)? This was my primary concern in getting an MA with teaching emphasis instead... Hmm, so a program can "set you up for certification---does that mean that you would need more schooling (and therefore more cash) in order to be certified/before getting a job? PS: I'm currently in FL but I'm looking for MAT or teaching cert. out west preferably Oregon/Washington State/Cali. So many questions--my apologies for knowi
  4. Hi there, I was reading posts here a few months ago, but that was very early in the deciding-what-to-do process then so I did not post any Qs. I'm wondering now if anyone knows of an English M.A. program that also leads to teaching certification... From what I've seen, the programs with certification are usually run through the education department, but I'd like to keep the door open for a future PhD in English Lit. Does anyone know of such a program? Any info. is appreciated! I'm taking the GRE next week and the pressure is mounting to decide which schools will receive my scores.
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