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  1. I then attended a terrible public college in my home state and never graduated. I then attended Troy University and did well. I wanted to finish my BA in Philosophy, but it just wasn't doable for financial reasons. I'm currently working on a BS in Psychology from Troy University. I will graduate in December. My institution GPA is currently a 3.2. I’m hoping to raise it to 3.4 or 3.5 before I graduate. I'm interested in media studies and cultural studies. I would really like attend graduate school in Canada as I've wanted to live in Canada. I'm interested in the philosophy and psychology of media. I would like to get an MA in Cinema/Film Studies from either York University, the University of Toronto, or the University of British Columbia. Is my record strong enough to apply to those programs? I've also considered getting an MA in Liberal Studies to beef up my credentials a bit before applying to one of those schools.

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