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  1. Hey everyone, Like other people here I am heading off to graduate school in the Fall. As my final undergraduate semester winds down, I'm trying to mentally gear up for the more advanced study to come, and I had a question about reading effectively in graduate school. In a couple of other (older, too old to respond to without serious thread-necro) threads, I saw a bunch of prospective and current graduate students discussing the reading workload in graduate school, and how they coped with it. The gist of what I got from those posts was that at the graduate level I should expect between:
  2. Hey guys, I applied to seven programs this year and so far I've gotten in to two of them, been rejected by two, and have not heard from three, which means likely either waitlisting or rejection. But since both of the programs I got into were great matches for me, that's okay with me. One of the programs I got into offered me a full ride for five years (Stipend, Tuition Remission, etc.), but is on the other side of the country. I'm a very poor undergraduate who is basically living on two and a half thousand dollars to last me until August. I'm looking for a job, but on-campus jobs don't
  3. I believe I did as well. Perhaps we're just not in the first pick round. Certainly a number of the people (like the person who got 6/6 acceptances) are likely to choose something else.
  4. Santa Barbara update: Their office told me 'no final decisions yet, but letters should start going out next week.'
  5. Thank you Professor Plum, that is a most reassuring statement. It's good to have an idea of the process, or at least the kinds of different processes various schools may be going through. I was afraid that with this last week, it was all over, said and done.
  6. So can someone explain this to me a little better? I applied to programs at Santa Barbara, Berkeley, UoM, and a few others, and I see that some people have already posted results (Accepted and Declined) for those schools, but I'm reading in this thread that there are a number of people (like myself) who have not heard anything yet. Does this mean we've all collectively been waitlisted, or is there something else at work here? I'm seeing comments about 'waves' - how do those work? Why would they accept/decline certain people outright, early on, and leave what seems like the majority hovering?
  7. Languages: Latin, Greek, French, German. Working on Italian. No one I've read or talked to on the subject who has been published and or is researching recently has suggested to me that Roman History and Late Antique are divergent fields. In fact, most of the professors and scholars I've talked to have encouraged me to understand and explore continuities and persistant trends between Imperial Roman and Late Antique history, to - to the best of my ability - ignore artificial boundaries between them, and not to fail to recognize the effect that 6th, 7th, and 8th century Imperial Rome in the E
  8. So does that multiquote option allow me to respond to several posts simultaneously? Sorry, my first time trying to use this forum. Regarding the 'elite'ness of the schools I'm listing, I know. It's sort of difficult becase A) I can't afford to go to any school that doesn't offer enough financial aid to sustain me until I can start teaching undergrads, They have the programs with the best matchups in terms of academic fields taught and interdisciplinary options. Brown is one of the ones I find most exciting - their program seems to be truly unique and amazing, and I would be thrilled to go
  9. "Get rejected from half or over half of all the schools they applied to" -- I know. I originally started out with a list of 13 schools. I cut ones that were iffy because A) my spouse is unlikely to get a job there because of the remoteness, Their program did not offer anything to me, C) the commute from a major metropolitan area (where my wife would likely get a job adjuncting/working in writing centers/interning with poetry journals) is too high - over 2 hours. Santa Barbara is just under a 2 hour commute from Los Angeles, but knowing Los Angeles traffic as I do, I'm not sure if it's worth t
  10. As someone else noted, I am an older undergrad. I dropped out of college when I was 20, came back when I was 31, with a drive to do what I've ALWAYS wanted to do: teach college students Roman history and do ground breaking historical research. I'm extremely, extremely unlikely to get a job in most of the areas I've written off for same reasons that I don't want to study there, but it's personal and I don't want to go into it. Yes: that may limit my options, but I don't want to live anywhere where there's no employment or housing discrimination laws that cover me - I've done it before, and
  11. Hey everyone, I just signed up for this website, and I'm hoping it'll be a big help to me as I get ready to apply to graduate school Ph.D programs this coming fall (for admission into the Fall 2014 cohorts). I'm graduating from a school where there is no faculty member for my field of graduate study interest, so I've been kinda shooting in the dark as far as what to look for in a school, where to find conferences, etc. I'm graduating in the spring of 2014 with a B.A. in history. What I would like to study at the graduate level is the history and civilization of the Imperial and post-Imperi
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