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  1. for people who know the reality in USA , do you think that $18.000 allows a Phd student to live in welfare? I mean, does it cover all his expenses ? is it enough to balance the living costs required by the american government to get the Visa or you need to finance some gap ? or do they require only the money to cover living costs for the first month before getting the first stipend ?
  2. Good morning America, I hope you'll read my email with much attention, 2 minutes of your time means years of my life, it’s not a complaint, it’s just an experience sharing which is very important for every academic institution. I'm in master degree at a university somewhere in the forgotten side of the world and my dream is or was to get in such a top of the world university as yours in a PhD Program, but let's be honest it's just a dream, and with all the brilliant and perfect applications you get from the best brains from the greatest universities from all around the world my applica
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