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  1. Yeah, I guess like the GRE scores, this stuff's just a blind judgment call as well. I'm really getting the sense that this process can be summed up by Commissioner Gordon's quote in "The Dark Knight" (for those of you Batman fans): "I don't get political points for being an idealist, I have to do the best I can with what I have." I feel like if you've done an MA program, you should have at least something along those lines... But if you don't you could still have a good app; I'm not one to ask what makes a good app and what doesn't. I just imagine that awards, publications, etc., can only help
  2. Yay! I'm happy to see more people introducing themselves for Comp Lit!! I'll go ahead and give my two cents about some of the thoughts/questions brought up... GRE: well, on one hand, it supposedly is a less important aspect of the app, so my not-so-impressive score isn't keeping me from applying to better schools. Rose Egypt, I'm worried that taking it in November is a bit on the late side... It takes several weeks for scores to be reported and that would put you dangerously close to the early deadlines. But it still seems to be early enough. Letters of Rec: tough one. My interpretatio
  3. Just to jump in on the GRE debate... I feel the best way to look at it is like this: we know that the GRE scores are factor, but it's not easy to determine how much, and of course with each school differing on their views our job isn't any easier. Sadly, there is no rule of thumb, no black and white way to know what to do about our scores. It comes down to a judgment call. You know that even with low-ish scores you can get into programs, and possibly high-tier programs, and since there's no way of knowing whether or not you'd get weeded out, the only way is to just apply. I feel like
  4. I don't think it's necessarily a disadvantage that your app is very "Arabic heavy". In all honesty, I'm in the same boat. My research is valid, up to date, bla bla bla, but it's all Spanish based. So I'm working on linking it all together as well... But a lot of grad schools (Harvard and WUSTL come to mind) expressly say that you don't have to know what you want to write your dissertation about yet, you just need to show them that you're ready to enter the realm of post-grad literary study. Obviously having an idea of how to link your studies would be helpful, but don't feel dissuaded if it's
  5. Well Rose Egypt, from my perspective I think that it is in fact a minus that you only have two languages, but, and perhaps a stronger counterbalance is your Arabic. Interestingly, one of the fast growing areas in Comp Lit are Eastern, or at least non-Western languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic seem to be the big three). That works in your favor as programs seem to want to keep those areas bolstered. Now of course this is speculation on my part, but I have heard from Comp Lit mentors that knowing and wanting to research Arabic is a big, no, a massive plus on an app. Also, I don't know if y
  6. Hi community! I wanted to start an up to date thread so those of us applying for Comp Lit have a specific place to chat about stuff relevant to our apps and career field! I'll start by introducing myself (briefly): I'm applying to study Spanish, French, and English literature primarily, and want to focus on literary modernism (as in, late 19th century up to WWII). So if anyone has any overlapping interests I'd love to chat Also, since we are in app season, I'll throw out some quandaries... What schools are you all applying to and why?? My top two are UT Austin and WashU
  7. Hey there! Just thought I'd throw in my two cents being that I'm currently applying to Comp Lit programs for Fall '14 (so yeah... probably gonna be a bit Comp Lit biased). I went through a similar debacle; my native language is English, but I now speak Spanish with practically native fluency and have been living in Spain the last several years since my BA. I was an English/Spanish double major with the initial intention of getting a PhD in English, but I didn't want to leave my Spanish behind, so I researched as an early undergrad and discovered Comp Lit. After having decided that I love l
  8. The idea behind these letters of rec is that these people, given their stature and understanding of the field, can vouch for you as a worthwhile candidate for your program. That generally implies they've worked with you extensively, taught you, etc., but that isn't always the case. On your part you want the strongest, most convincing letters possible. So if you've done enough work with people who haven't been your teachers, but you still feel they know enough about you to write the most convincing letter of rec, then it seems like a good option. Now of course this is all my opinion, but it's b
  9. Hey OP! I know it's been over a month, but I'm drafting my SoP as well (Comp Lit-- very similar to English) and am looking for someone to do a swap with. PM me if you still could use a reader and are down for a swap! Good luck to you!
  10. Hello community! In undergrad, I focused a lot on Shakespeare and Renaissance lit, thinking that it would be my direction in grad school, but towards the end of undergrad and into my current MA program I've since switched to focus on Modernism. Now that I'm applying to PhD programs in Comparative Literature, I realize that by far my best WS would be my senior honor thesis about Shakespeare, and that I have nothing that even comes remotely close in terms of academic quality. So my question is what suggestions does anyone have as to how I could reconcile this? I'm asking here because my ment
  11. I see that this topic is a little dated, and like the poster above, would like to ask the same question... I'm interested in applying to UCI's Comp Lit PhD program, as it seems a very good fit for my particular interests. Although a comment like that of the OP won't in and of itself dissuade me from applying, it would be nice to know from an inside source what some of the feelings are of the program.
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