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  1. I emailed Chicago to see what was going on with my app... I'm pretty sure I saw some people post acceptances a month ago or something. The admin that emailed me back said: "We are currently finalizing admissions decisions and expect that they will be released by the end of this week or early next at the latest. Your decision letter will be posted to the application website and you will receive an email when it is available." SIGH! I just want this to be over.
  2. I thought they had lost mine too... I emailed the department to ask about my status and they told me I was on the wait list (the long one ) but they offered my admission to the MA! Maybe you can email them to find out?
  3. Thanks for doing that. I'm waiting on them too. The longer it takes for me to get rejected from some of these places, the more frustrated I get with this whole process. They have to know by NOW that they aren't going to accept me. What's taking so long?
  4. Right?! I'm going through the same thing right now. I just want to be rejected everywhere so I can comfortably accept my masters program offer. I am terrified that if I accept it, a random PhD will make it's way out of the shadows and admit me.
  5. I had a professor ask me (well, I should say "strongly suggest" not ask. he definitely didn't ask) to start an Interfolio account as well and the financial aspect alone kept me from doing it. After paying a ridiculous amount of money in fees, I just didn't have any space left in my credit card for another charge. I had also heard that some schools wouldn't accept those letters... I was really leery of the whole process. I didn't want to place my application in the hands of some third party app. When I talked to that professor about it, I was honest with him. I said that I couldn't afford t
  6. I am so glad to hear you say that. I'm seriously thinking about reapplying. I'm starting to seriously regret my thought process at the beginning of the application process. I told myself that if I didn't get into the programs I applied to (allegedly all "top tier") then I wasn't going to be someone that could be competitive in the job market or in academia. I am kicking myself. I wish I had applied to some "middle tier" programs and some MAs. The app fees would have sucked but I probably wouldn't be so stressed right now if I had!
  7. Good luck meeting with them today... hopefully they forget to ask! This whole process is so discouraging. I hope that we both get some good news this week!
  8. That's great! And it's close to home for me... I'm in Baltimore so it's not that far away at all. We'll see. I'll spend the rest of the day today thinking about it.
  9. I did NOT know that about nova.... I might have to look into it (quickly). It's hard not to get depressed through this whole process. Thank god I have enough tea to calm my nerves.
  10. I'm thinking a lot about reapplying too. I haven't been accepted to A SINGLE SCHOOL. And the stress is killing me. Even being waitlisted at this point would feel like a god send. I'm sure that it's probably juvenile, but I am seriously dreading emailing my undergrad profs and telling them that I got rejected across the board... and then asking if they will write my letters again for this coming application season. I totally shot myself in the foot during this process. I should have applied to some "lower tier" schools, some MA programs... I knew this would be hard but this feels ri
  11. I still haven't heard anything. I'm obsessively checking my email. Needless to say, I'm not being very productive at work today.
  12. Thanks for the offer! If I get selected, I'm definitely going to take you up on it!
  13. Glad I could help. And I know.... I absolutely CANNOT wait until April. I'm already losing my mind as it is.
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