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  1. Hello everyone, Another long-time lurker here who's just decided that its finally time to take action. I have 3 years of experience as a Learning & Development Specialist and I've predominantly worked on design and development of in-house e-learning programs in digital technologies. I have worked on projects involving the latest l&d trends in corporate settings and a few awards under my belt. GPA 7/10 and expecting 315ish on the GRE. After several weeks of research, I've finally decided on the below programs - Cornell - MILR UIUC - MHRIR Michigan State - MHRLR Texas A&M - MSHRM Ohio State - MSHRM Northwestern - MSLOC USC - MSHRM Purdue - MSHRM I'm applying to a majority of HR Masters programs although instructional design/learning technologies programs would better fit my profile. However, the HR Masters programs have good reputation and great placement statistics which I don't find in any instructional design programs. Also, being an international applicant, I'd rather go to a well-known university that would help me find better opportunities when I'm done with my program(and 12 months OPT) & return to my home country. I don't know if I'm making the right choices - I'd love to hear from you guys. Anyone else in the same boat? I'd love to connect & share experiences!
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