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  1. jaymarais

    Undecided Where to Go...

    Hey there! I went to University of Oklahoma for undergrad, so I'm from a similar educational background, and I'll be starting my PhD at Tufts in the fall. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about OU or about applying in general. But so far, it seems like you're off to a great start. Don't be afraid of aiming too high, because you never know, and you sound like a great student. But of course, it's always smart to apply to a variety of programs-- in terms of both rank/prestige, as well as different types of programs. I, for one, was interested to find that a small program really seemed to suit me better. Good luck!
  2. jaymarais

    Decision Made Relief Party!

    Congrats, everyone! I'm so excited to have accepted my offer at Tufts-- can't wait!
  3. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    This is how I feel about UW! Am I the only one that still hasn't heard from them? Granted, I've already accepted an offer - at Tufts! yay! - so I'm not bothered by it, but it still seems pretty crazy that they haven't notified everyone yet.
  4. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    Congratulations! That is so wonderful!!!
  5. jaymarais

    Tufts, anyone??? Wait Listed

    I've accepted the offer at Tufts! Anyone else accepting or planning to accept?
  6. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    I was still waiting on them too, but I went ahead and called today and spoke to someone. She couldn't tell me if I'd be offered admission, but she COULD tell me that there wouldn't be funding (for me, anyway). So that helped me out-- no longer waiting on them! Anyway, if you're willing to call, you might be able to get some more info as well!
  7. jaymarais

    Tufts, anyone??? Wait Listed

    I'll be there on Monday!
  8. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    This may or may not have just changed my life. THANK YOU!
  9. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    Wow congrats! I have heard from professors that it is, just because it's so prestigious.
  10. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    Congrats! That's incredible! Crossing my fingers for you
  11. jaymarais

    Campus Visit Advice

    I was originally planning to get a hotel, but the school has offered to put me up with grad students. Financial considerations aside, do you think there are any benefits to staying with students? They've suggested that it might help get a better idea of grad student life, but I definitely don't want to be in their way. Any thoughts?
  12. jaymarais

    Campus Visit Advice

    Thanks, everyone! Great advice all around
  13. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    Congrats on the interview and good luck
  14. Hi everyone! I'm sure this has been addressed in other forums, but I'd love to hear more from the literary group... Any advice for visiting prospective schools? Any serious do's and don't's or important things to pay attention to/ask? I'd love to hear any feedback!!
  15. jaymarais

    Fall 2014 applicants??

    Mine is still "in progress" too. Judging from years past, they notify acceptances a few days before rejections, so I have been assuming that no news is bad news, after today. I hope not though- for both of our sakes!

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