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    Academic: conflict, identity and memory, symbolic and physical borders, transition of urban spaces from peacetime to war, Middle East, Arabic

    Non-Academic: rock climbing, baking
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    2014 Fall
  1. EGMann

    FASFA in the UK?

    Awesome, thanks guttata!
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts of IHEID (anthropology and sociology of development) vs. SOAS (MSc violence, conflict and development)? I'm looking for more information on both
  3. Hey there, anyone know about ANSO at the Graduate Institute of Gevenva? What's the curriculum like? How heavy is the emphasis on anthro/socio methodologies? Are students who enroll more interested in a development/public policy route? What is the personality of the program?
  4. EGMann

    FASFA in the UK?

    If you are an american student attending a university in the UK, are you still eligible for FASFA? Does anyone know of any other funding opportunities? Rhodes,... etc?
  5. Does anybody know of any masters programs (US or UK) that use an anthropological approach to studying peace and conflict? I've been searching everywhere, but all I can find are anthro programs that might have a faculty member with an interest in conflict, or Conflict Resolution programs that emphasize policy and management. Is there any way to combine the two?
  6. I'm an American student applying for Msc degrees in the UK and The Netherlands. Has anyone had experience with writing SOPs for European universities? Are the expectations the same or different from US schools? For my apps there are handly any guidelines and since I've been enducated in the US, I have no idea what European school are looking for. Any advice?
  7. Hi, does anyone know of any anthropology masters programs in Europe that have a specific focus on conflict (or other topics liek ethnicity, nationalism, violence etc)? The closest I've found is University of Kent (anthro of ethnicity nationalisma nd identity) and Utrect University (CASTOR).
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