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  1. I am also applying to poli-sci programs and have similar questions and concerns. Some people on this forum post that their low 160 scores in V or Q saying they are not good enough for top-tier political science programs. Other people say they are happy with the same scores. Here is a little bit of what I learned or was confused by after reviewing the threads and I hope this helps: 1) Generally, if you have scores below a certain cut off at a school they throw it out. For example, if you get less than 50th percentile on either they don't even bother with the rest of your application. D
  2. Hey Ciarrai300! Thanks for the response. Well, we can only hope that this is something everyone will struggle with and consequently our concerns and our final decision will not end up being too problematic. I think people generally share similar struggles with their opening. There is no right or wrong answer and anyway you do it can be perceived as boring or cliche. I'm just hoping that there is enough meat in the middle of my SoP to have already gotten my file thrown into the right pile by the time the reader gets to the conclusion.
  3. Thanks in advance for your consideration and responses everyone! So I'm applying to a wide variety of programs 5 in the top-tier, 3 in the middle and 2 in the bottom. I've constructed what is a solid SoP... but the opinions of certain professors I've asked to review it disagree on what should be included as well as its division. CURRENTLY: - Unique hook relating to what triggered my past/current and probable future research transitioning into a brief background of my specific subject matter (10%, 1st paragraph) - Description of the specific problem I attempt to analyze and address
  4. Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate all the helpful responses. I think I will expand the top-tier schools I am applying to based on your suggestions. I guess I'm still stuck in the undergraduate mindset that Harvard and Yale are their own animals (but I'm definitely feeling silly about thinking Princeton doesn't fit into that category). Lastly, the top-tier schools all explicitly say not to contact their professors with emails. This prompt however is insufficiently broad. Obviously I wouldn't reach out to a renowned professor at a top school to ask them trivial stuff about the applic
  5. Thanks for the advice Gnome. With Princeton I found a few professors that had very similar interests and from the research I've done it seems they get about 100-200 less applicants than Harvard. But as you point out, it is probably trivial. Some people suggest that top schools, to limit the pile from 500+ applicants to 100-200 (something manageable for these top programs), you are simply plugged into an algorithm. I just figured that if this is true, even the highest M.A. GPA and better than decent GRE score would not be able to save me from this initial cut. If there is any truth to this
  6. Hi all! Thanks in advance for reading and responding. I graduated in 2010 from a T-20 LA school in the northeast with an International Studies degree. My GPA - 2.8 - i.e., total and utter garbage. I did write a 60pg thesis to graduate which received an A-. The reason for the bad grades, I started my own company in healthcare databasing and got an excellent job in big pharma. Two years later I shifted my focus, went to get my M.A. in Government at a very reputable school in Israel (because my interest was in conflict) and will graduate with the highest GPA possible and recommendati
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