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  1. I have a question on an assignment I am starting & I just wanted to read some responses you may have to it! I need a little help, research isn't working for me for this one. Thanks! "Some regional geography books combine Middle America and South America and refer to the region as Latin America. Why does our textbook separate the realm into Middle and South America? Which of these two way to classify the realm do you agree with (make sure you include physical, economic, cultural, and historical criteria to define the realm).?" Our book says this, "Sometimes you will see Middle and South America referred to in combination as “Latin” America, alluding to their prevailing Spanish-Portuguese heritage. This is an imperfect regional name, just as “Anglo-America,” a term once commonly used for North America, was also improper. Such culturally based terminologies reflect historic power and dominance, and they tend to make outsiders out of those people they do not represent."

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