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  1. Working out and eating right will do wonders. It's easy to let it slide, especially when you've got a full schedule, but you've got to acquire the mindset that self-care is an essential priority. When I was in law school a few years back, I found that my stress and anxiety levels were always much worse when I wasn't working out regularly. Also, if you have insurance or can otherwise afford it, a little counseling can really make a difference. Boozing it up should be avoided.
  2. Thank you for all of your replies. Most of them have been very useful. To rephrase my question, in what programs would a student stand the best chance at avoiding -- as much as possible -- the so-called "School of Resentment?" Thanks much.
  3. Which English grad programs would you consider to be on the more "conservative" end of the spectrum? I guess what I mean by that is where a student would be most likely to spend most of his or her time studying literature qua literature as opposed to cultural studies, gender studies, queer theory, etc., etc. Thanks much.
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