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  1. Has anyone in engineering heard back (esp ECE at U of T)
  2. Yup still waiting...
  3. Me Too...haven't heard anything yet. no interviews either.
  4. Thanks EngGrad for your advise. I will call the schools and find out my status.
  5. Hi Guys, I have offers for research (MaSc. program with funding) at U of T, and I've gotten an official acceptance of which I must reply back by March 24. In the meantime, it is still possible for me to get accepted into the PhD program for research at UCLA and Cornell, both of which are my choices over U of T. However, up to this point I haven't heard anything from these schools and the result page already had some acceptances. Should I assume I got rejected and just accept U of T? If after accepting the offer I got offers from UCLA or Cornell, what should I do to inform my U of T pro
  6. I feel you...I got my rejection around now also Applied to PhD but not even consider for MS. Oh well hope for the best for other schools.
  7. Congrats! Did you have an interview? What's your field of study?
  8. Nope I have not heard back from Stanford yet for anything. I guess I'll keep waiting...It's February now so results will come closer and closer.
  9. I applied to Stanford EE PhD as well...I feel it's a long shot for me. The question is upon rejection do I fall into MS or not even that?
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