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  1. I am planning to apply to IR programs next year. Am I wrong in assuming I'd have a shot at top programs? Here is my linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewsturner (I am a URM student,from upper/middle class background. I have one semester left.) I was a marginal student @ my first school (top LAC) mostly b/c's (with a number of incompletes due to documented medical withdrawal [severe injury playing sports]). Ended up transferring and swutching majors. I had a 3.85 at TU until this semester, loaded up on honors classes and got a number of B/B+'s (will this reflect poorly even though I challenged myself and picked up Arabic?). I am right around cutoff for cum laude so that will be my goal. My last 65-70 semester hours will most likely be around 3.6-3.7 range (with honors) after my last semester. I believe some schools will consider my last 60 credit hours, correct me if this is mistaken? Have solid research experience at both institutions (international institutions & nonviolent strategy) & worked for well respected NGO, as well as fellowship/semester abroad in middle east focusing on conflict studies through USF. I also am pretty sure I could get great LORs. I think my extracurriculars/work are also really solid (even without athletics as I hear most grad schools dont care) My main interests (career-wise) would be NGO work, a think tank, foreign service, or an international institution. My interests for post-grad studies are Middle East history, International Affairs, foreign service, or maybe conflict resolution. I am also considering retaking a couple Econ classes post-bacc. (my lowest polisci grade was a B @ swarthmore) Any recommendations/suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello all, It is time to follow through on planning my future and would really like some input on whether or not I would be a competitive applicant. (If anyone has any career suggestions i.e. Fellowship or state dept programs, that would be great too). My situation is somewhat unique due to my improved academic records and very strong extracurricular background, so any input would be helpful; here is a chronological synopsis of my background since high school: - Minority Student - Attended "Top-5" LAC - dual sport athlete; average student with mainly B/Cs in freshman/sophomore years of course work (studying economics) - Took time off and traveled abroad doing fellowship in conflict resolution in Middle East - Returned to top LAC for a year before transferring to Temple University -Changed specialization to Political Science & Econ minor - 3.9 GPA at Temple after first 10 courses (Econ of development, international trade, israeli and palestinian lit, political philosophy, statistics, international relations among then) - Invited to University/Departmental Honors program past Spring - Named to Dean's list - Named Dean's Scholar for maintaining 4.0 GPA - Participated in Senior department honors seminar for polisci - conducted individual research project (6000 word thesis) on influence of international norms on UN reform following cold war - picked up Arabic as a third language -course list below Academic overview: * High School: - nominated as Student athlete of year for league for basketball - currently two school records in track and field - senior award for sportsmanship and contributions to athletic program * Top-LAC (2006-2009) -Average / Shaky student in economics studies (~2.5 - 3.0 range) -Silver medalist League championships for track - Starting member for varsity basketball - all-league sportsmanship team - very challenging course schedule (econometrics, intermediate macro & micro, american politics, modern history of middle east, public policy, game theory, behavioral Econ, conflict resolution research seminar) *Conflict resolution Fellowship through a state university - lived in Israel/Palestine studying conflict resolution for the summer *Temple university (2012-2014) - changed major to politics with Econ minor - Recognized as Dean's scholar for academic excellence - Dean's List - University & Departmental Honors - 4.0 GPA in Major after around 8 classes - Courses taken: Arabic, International Trade, Economics of Decelopment, Stat & Calculus, Honors Strategic Management, Honors Humanities, Foreign Government and Pol., International politics, Honors Polisci Capstone, Political Philosophy, Public Policy Analysis, Theories of War& Peace (one more TBD), Israeli/Palestinian Literature - independent research on international institutions *Extracurricular - Currently hold 2 school records from top private high school - Worked as counselor at internationally-recognized NGO specializing in conflict resolution (two former US presidents and the current Queen of another country serve on the advisory board) - Student-Athlete of the year for my league (recognized by club in the city) - Honored by HS for greatest contributions to athletic program from my class - Lived in East Jerusalem studying conflict resolution through fellowship - decently handsome (just kidding) - elementary Arabic and enough Spanish skills to communicate/survive *Minority student My current plan is to work for an NGO again this summer and then take grad school exams and apply to grad school next fall. If anyone has any input (or can recommend any schools/programs) I would greatly appreciate it... Regards, Swat team
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