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  1. Hi Samen, Congratulations to your achievements so far! Before giving any advice, I was wondering why you have omitted UVa from your choices!? Its overall ranking is 23, which is very great and the Systems Engineering program in there has many respected faculty... By the way, if you first decide on Management vs Engineering, your decision making will become much easier. If you want to get a job in the US, you must know the different situation you get with each of those degrees after graduation.
  2. I know some people have been accepted to ISyE at Georgia Tech. I got an informal rejection though.
  3. Michigan and UC Berkeley are the dominant choices, for sure. Tell me if you have any doubts!
  4. Hello there. Do you still think we had an easy competition so far?
  5. Michigan's IOE program is more prestigious, as far as I know. But the city conditions and weather are very different and you have to decide on your own preferences. Ann Arbor is a small cold city but Austin is a huge interesting city with warmer climate. Another important factor is your adviser; how distinguished s/he is and how his/her students tell about his/her ethics... Stipend amount is another factor... lol This is a very hard multi-criteria decision making, my friend. Wish you all the best.
  6. People accepted to USC: Please tell me if you had any interview or close contact with professors there? Did they send an official letter or you were informed informally by some person?? Thanks for taking time answering me.
  7. Hi there! I see in the Results section that somebody has received RA from USC. Can you tell me if you had any interview or close contact with professors there? Thank you so much.
  8. Thanks for the good news, my friend! So it seems that the graduate weekend visit has already been made... Do you think they will answer by the end of this week or the next week? Do you have any news about the Georgia Tech by the way?
  9. You're probably right but the professor has asked me to decide on his offer in the next week! It's somehow complicated for me since I haven't heard from Georgia Tech and Univ. of Michigan anything yet...
  10. Hi there. Anybody admitted with/without funding to the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Texas A&M (TAMU)?? Just please tell me if they have mentioned a date by which you have to accept/decline their offer. It's vital for me, so please help! Thanks a million.
  11. Hey everyone. I know here there are people with strong records targeting very prestigious universities and programs... They make this forum very interesting. However, currently I want to ask about Industrial and Systems Engineering program of the Rutgers University. I want to ask about admitted people what they are doing now. Has anyone been awarded fellowship? How can we get RA? They say we have to wait for their TAship decision but I think we have better contact faculty for RA positions... Any idea? Thanks.
  12. Hi there! Anybody applied to ASU School of CIDSE? If so, do you know about how they provide graduate assistantship? I've been admitted but found nothing about funding in their letter of admit!!
  13. Maybe the applicant was very qualified. I know they inform their desirable choices asap...
  14. I am an international applicant who applied to U Mich; nothing yet received though!
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