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  1. Wilson, Nigel. Mediaeval Greek Bookhands: Examples selected from Greek manuscripts in Oxford libraries. 1973. The instructor in a Byzantine Greek course I am taking right now has used this book in class, and it seems to be a wonderful resource for Byzantine paleography. It certainly does train you to start reading miniscule Greek script, which is typical of the 8th century onward.
  2. I'm also interested in patristic adaptations of Greek philosophy and how those affect Eastern Orthodoxy. I'm hoping to specifically focus on the Cappadocians (specifically, Gregory of Nyssa) and maybe even Denys, Maximus, and John of Damascus.
  3. I would say I'm more interested in the theological aspect and I have a stronger foundation in Greek and Latin (but now having just completed biblical Hebrew competency I'm somewhat open to Semitics). I think the hardest part is untangling these interrelated fields (even though their being interdisciplinary is highly useful) and figuring out what my focus will be. I would like to know which programs will be most worth the time and effort (well-rounded?), as opposed to my being in a certain program solely because of one researcher. Thank you both, furtivemode and matthewadam22, for your suggestions! I'm glad to know that there are other programs that are a possible fit. I'm interested in UVa and Leiden now. After break I'm hoping to pick up some works by these scholars and see what interests me further.
  4. That's useful to know! Thank you! Now it's a matter of finding these "hidden" scholars. As furtivemode has mentioned, one prominent scholar is Sebastian Brock at Oxford but according to the website he's now retired. I'm pretty sure that means he won't be taking any more students/he is not my ticket in to Oxford. My interests lie more in theology than in strictly history. I would really like to explore ecclesiology and the issue concerning the lapsed in a broad sense and then as the Eastern Orthodox tradition addresses them, if that makes sense.
  5. One more thing: I'm looking to ultimately pursue a PhD in Eastern Orthodox Studies. A few UK schools are viable options for the PhD (D.Phil), but I'm not sure where else. Advice on doctorate programs would be greatly appreciated as well!
  6. Hello, all! I'm new around here, but I'm thrilled to have found Gradcafe! I am a junior undergrad student studying Ancient/Biblical Languages and Early Christianity. I've been trying to find suitable grad programs for the past year. I've recently narrowed down my field to studies in Eastern Orthodox theology and writings. However, I'm starting to wonder if it's too narrow of a field... (I hope not!). I've read several posts on Early Christianity and Historical Theology programs, but they aren't super relevant to what I'm aiming for. I would like to ask for some schools and big names in my field. So far I've tracked down (outside of actual Orthodox seminaries) GTU's Eastern Orthodox MA and Oxford's Eastern Christian Studies. I'm a little daunted by both, so I'd like a few more options for when I apply next year (I would like to begin grad school Fall 2015). I'm also aware of John McGuckin at UTS, but I'm not sure of my fit at Union. Thank you for your time!
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