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  1. I think you have to delete them completely from the online application and then re-add their info.
  2. Ah thanks. Something I did not really take notice to before. What has been the consensus regarding putting the title and keywords directly on the proposal and in the application vs just lisitng it on the application ?
  3. Hey all- I'm a little confused by : Proposed Research Title The title should be brief and informative. It should describe in succinct terms your proposed research, reflecting the contents of your proposal. Include a list of key words, and do not use abbreviations and chemical formulas (in 255 characters or less). This title will be used for searching research topics using the key words you supply. *Proposed Research Title: Use key words to describe the proposed research (in 50 characters or less). *Short Research Title: Anyone have any examples on what they are looking for with the short research title?
  4. Your GREs are a bit low, especially the quant. I would get that up to at least the 75th percentile if possible. It help make you look a bit more attractive, especially for better funding oppurtunities. GPA is okay. Research experience is great. I would add to either the application, submitted cv, or personal statement that those publications are in prep (or submitted if you have done so by the time you send in the apps). Have you contacted profs of interest at these schools and told them of your interest?
  5. That's what I thought, but it only gives me the option to enter one department and one set of credit hours. I took two grad level courses as an undergrad, one in stat the other in bio. And regarding UG GPA- mine is pretty solid throughout except the last semester of my senior year (used 2 late drops) etc. I missed a good two months of class for trips for PhD interviews and may of had some senioritis. Should I address this at all? the courses arent that relelvant and my final GPA is still good > 3.75
  6. I have a question regarding the graduate courses info section under the education and work experience tab- If I'm describing my undergraduate education where I earned my B.S. and I took a few grad level classes, is this where I indicate that? Or is this for if I got a combined BS/MS?
  7. Professors inquiring about your background in response to your introductory emails are most likely interested in learning more about your background that pertains to the research/field of interest that you see yourself working on/in. What research questions can you see yourself focusing on? Any specific plant/animal group or methodologies you want to explore? No need to reply in detail about your convoluted academic history at this point (which is not a negative, people change their minds and interests and they figure out what they like and don't like). I don't think sending a transcript to a prof directly at this point would be very useful. When I was back and forth in emails with a few potential PIs I would attach my cv on the first message. My cv had my cum. GPA on it and then the rest of my research history etc. No mention of specific coursework and grades. When you apply to graduate programs I would think you would have to send all of your transcripts. In many cases (or at least with some of the EEB and Botany programs I applied to) I had to list out the relevant Biology coursework separately for the department. To me that says that the adcom focus mostly on those courses that directly pertain to the research/field you will be working in. I would definitely mention your history in your personal statement. It will make an interesting read for the adcom and will help make you stand out (in a good way) from the other applicants. Talk about it in a way that shows your personal transformation from when you received a degree in Crim J to you becoming budding evolutionary biologist or ecologist. Be specific with your reasons for going back for your biology degree and when you figured out that you wanted to pursue a graduate degree in the field. Maybe tie in something with your crime j background that led you to figure that a biology degree was for you.
  8. Committed. Done. I'm going to the University of Florida. Glad the decision is over.
  9. Got my letter today, a rejection. Wasn't really considering it anymore. Relieved that I finally heard back from everywhere now though.
  10. Same. I've already decided where I'm going at this point. Not going to wait on Harvard. Just would like to get my $105 worth in either a reject or an accept.
  11. Yeah nothing here yet either.
  12. First rejection today. Not surprised. I guess they could pick up on the lack of fit I felt when visiting/interviewing.
  13. I'm gonna wait and see what the other schools have to offer.
  14. 1 day back from my first interview and I get an email saying that I will be receiving a University 5-year full fellowship. Pretty ecstatic. Still 3 more interviews to go....
  15. Probably best to just email your POI(s) and current grad students in the program. I did this for the two prospective student weekends I have coming up- both schools are top 15 in my field- one program asks for strict-casual, the other is more dressy.
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