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  1. I am wondering the same thing, could anyone who has gotten an acceptance or rejection PM me? Thank you
  2. Have you heard anything at all from OISE?
  3. Congrats!!! Do you mind me asking what POI? I applied to, hopefully my invitation is just around the corner...
  4. Thanks. Just spoke with the Graduate Advisor to see if the invitations for the clinical program had been extended yet. She said that to her knowledge they hadn't been sent out yet and that she suspected that it was still a bit early, but she did not give me a date.
  5. Hi Tingski, when you say USC are you talking about university of southern california or university of south carolina? If California, was your deadline for the social psych program Dec 1st? I applied to the clinical program and I am trying to figure out if they would be sending out invitations at the same time as the social program. Cheers
  6. Has anyone heard anything from University of Southern California's clinical program yet? Specifically the clinical aging track?
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