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  1. Rest assured that you are not the only one who feels that way. The best way I have found to deal with it is to not compare yourself with others. Everyone is from different situations with different backgrounds and experiences. What is important is that you focus on you. What makes you different? There are wonderful things about you, that no other applicant can provide. "It's not who we think we are that holds us back, it's who we think we're not."
  2. Shortstack51, Good questions. To start, if she wants to get a job straight out of graduate school, she should get her specialist (EdS). A specialist is a step up from a master's degree but not as high as a doctoral degree. An EdS takes three years. I'm not sure where you heard that some states just want a BS for certification. But no one can become a school psychologist with just an undergraduate degree. A lot of people pursuing PhD and PsyD are interested as obtaining jo bs in academia. That is, becoming professors. Others want to be a school psychologist and then be a professor
  3. Does anyone here want to claim the interview invite from Northern Colorado? Congrats!
  4. Wow, that's horrible. I would definitely think long and hard about accepting even an offer for an interview. If they are that unorganized and rude pre-admission, think what it would be like to be a student there. Sorry for the frustration! (Also, $100 is ridiculous.) Is anyone else going completely broke from all the application fees, transcripts, GRE scores, and travelling to schools? This is costing a lot more than I had planned.
  5. SportPsych- Definitely wear a tie! Better to be overdressed then underdressed!
  6. No problem. A tip of advice on the GRE- breathe deeply and remember you got this! I freaked out the first time I took the GRE and it showed on my score. The second time I took it I did much better because I relaxed. So don't rush, remember you are a capable, intelligent person, and everything will be okay. I promise!
  7. I would definitely try to finish a master's program first. Explain why your GPA is low in your personal statement. As far as LORs, get people who can speak to your academic performance and potential. Don't include somebody just because you have a good relationship with them. Although that is important, grad schools want confidence that you will be able to succeed in their program. Above all else, don't get discouraged! Good luck!
  8. I would explain your situation to them. I'm sure they all understand not wanting to miss a lot of work! Congrats on your interviews!
  9. Has anyone heard from Northern Colorado yet?
  10. That's great news! Congratulations! Just calm down- everything will turn out great! What I would do and what I have heard other people doing as well is to keep the interviews at your top choices at their dates. Then explain to your school of lesser choice that you already have an interview on that day. Hope this helps!
  11. There were a couple POIs that I didn't contact. Our chances aren't blown though! It'd be silly of them to completely ignore our applications and hard work for the past 4 years just because we didn't send in a preliminary email. You'll be great!
  12. Thank you for all of your feedback. Thinking that a rejection letter from my Alma Mater could actually benefit my career helps to ease the anxiety a bit. CBT at its finest
  13. You all seem to be handling it really well! I'm very nervous about it. Three of the four professors who decide if I get in or not are on my committee for my Honor's Thesis. I'll be crushed if I get rejected.
  14. Is anyone applying to their alma mater? Isn't it a weird feeling knowing that your current professors are not only your professors but also the admissions committee which holds the decision if you get accepted into a program?
  15. Yes! Definitely do that. My professors said that it is really impressive if you come prepared! Good luck!
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