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  1. GPA: 3.4 overall, 3.45 prereq GRE: Q-154 (55 percentile), V-158 (78 percentile), A-4.5 250 observation hours (200 working as rehab aide) good amount of community involvement, volunteer experiences Just got accepted to Rush in Chicago--they said they are looking for well-rounded candidates with lots of community involvement. It was a group interview, had to work in a team to solve a problem then answer a few questions (how did you fit into the group dynamic, one word to describe yourself, why should Rush accept you, why OT). Love their clinical-focused curriculum. YAY! Got rejected from UIC in Chicago--they emailed me saying my GPA and GRE scores didn't make me competitive. Need at least 3.75 GPA and 60th percentile in all GRE areas to be competitive, 200+OT hours, lots of volunteer stuff needed. Meh. They are more of a research school anyways, which I'm not interested in. Also rejected from University of North Carolina, they won't tell me why. Thought I had a good chance there. Bummer, but oh well--guess I'm moving to downtown Chicago!!
  2. I'm applying! And dying to know when schools are letting people know. I have an interview at Rush in Chicago, but that's the only school I've heard from. I know its a little early, but has anyone else heard back from a school?
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