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  1. So I've been troubled and conflicted for quite some time now, and am unsure of what to do regarding graduate school, and I'm not completely sure what to get my degree in. I received a B.S. is in Psychology, with minors in Education and Professional Writing. I have had an interest in Occupational Therapy for quite a while now, and I have also been considering perhaps going into Mental Health Counseling, Child Psychology, or Special Education. However, I seem to be unable to let go of my childhood dream of going to veterinary school. The later, however, seems extremely far-fetched, for I don't think I would make it through the difficulty of veterinary school, let alone be able to succeed in finding a job upon graduation if I were to pursue that path. Basically, is anyone willing to share their experiences on how they made their decisions to go into the fields and careers that they went into? I suppose it doesn't help that I'm extremely indecisive, and feel completely lost, so anything would help! I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! =)
  2. I constantly think of all the things in the past I would change if I had a time machine... perhaps I have too many regrets. Or am just unhappy with life in general. Oh well. I digress... an A- is still a really good grade! =)
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