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  1. Officially accepted an offer from Penn State! Compared to last year, this cycle was a lot more positive for me. I had the same stats and worked hard to improve my SOP...but in general, I've learned that timing plays such a big role in these applications.
  2. For those of you who heard back from WVU, what was the sequence of your online status? I have gone from "submitted" - "out to department" - "reviewed"...but with no direct communication from the department. At this point, I am assuming a rejection, but would love a final word... As of now, I am still waiting on a few programs: Penn State - accepted with standard funding package UVA (Const. Env) - accepted with good ta/fellowship package Rutgers (Geog) - rejected WVU - waiting decision Temple - waiting decision Va Tech (Planning) - waiting decision UMary (Planning) - waiting decision Has anyone made a final decision/acceptance?
  3. Congrats Space_Cowboy! Anyone claiming the new WVU and Temple acceptances? Also, did any Rutgers' denials receive a letter or email discussing the decision?
  4. Looks like there have been a couple of UC-Davis admits as well as a Temple one. Congrats! Where else did you all apply?
  5. Congrats The_Space_Cowboy! Best of luck with the rest of your apps.
  6. Well, I submitted the last of my applications a week ago…and now it’s time to check my email every 30 minutes until April. Best of luck to everyone and I look forward to hearing about all the acceptances once they start arriving.
  7. Well…it looks like I might be having a public conversation with myself, but maybe this forum will pick up now that deadlines are getting closer. After a number of phone calls, email exchanges, and a handful of face-to-face meetings with professors I have narrowed down my application list to the following: Penn State – Geography Rutgers – Geography Temple – Geography and Urban Studies VaTech – Planning and Policy Maryland (CP) – Urban and Regional Planning UVA – Constructed Environment WVU – Geography and/or Resource Management/Sustainable Development At this point, I have a few meetings/calls still to come, but my main focus is on making my SOP as sharp as possible. Hopefully, everyone is making good progress and best of luck moving forward.
  8. Having gone through the PhD application process last year (with mixed results) - and finding a similar forum very helpful - I thought I would try and get this thread started. I am looking into geography, regional science, and planning programs for 2015, but have yet to narrow down my complete application list. Below are my first round targets, with the intention of narrowing them down to around 5 final schools after communication with departments and individual professors: Syracuse - Geography Penn State - Geography Temple - Geography and Urban Studies WVU - Geography and/or Resource Management/Sustainable Development Rutgers - Planning and/or Geography UPenn - Planning VaTech - Planning SUNY Buffalo - Planning Cornell - Regional Science UVA - Constructed Environment I look forward to hearing what other programs people are looking at and the steps everyone is taking to put together the best possible application. Good luck.
  9. I heard about a turndown from an accepted student and from a POI. So...at most this could be two turndowns, but there's a good chance the POI was referring to the same student.
  10. Has anyone heard about any movement on the waitlists? I know of a little movement with Penn State (one, maybe two turndowns), but haven't heard of anything else.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. Has anyone reached out to the Dept, DGS, or a POI to ask about funding or position on the waitlist?
  12. Has anyone heard anything from Penn State? I know two people posted PhD rejections to the forum on Feb. 7th, but it's been dead air since then...
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