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  1. Hey guys, so I really need help from a seasoned commuter. I'm new to the NY area and am currently living in Suffolk county in Long Island. I will be attending Columbia this fall but my program only requires me to be on campus twice a week. From my research, I believe that I would take the Ronkonkoma station to Penn and get to Columbia from there...however my question is: Is there some kind of pass for students or anything that can help me save money? It seems like each way costs $20 which would be $40 a day...what is the optimal ticket/pass I can get? I've tried reading through the websit
  2. I called them about it, they told me April 1st/after April 1st they should send scholarship info. She told me they don't give financial aid, only awards/scholarships.
  3. @MaggieDot just letting you know, my questions were all different except for "why hunter" so just be prepared for a spew of different questions Other qs: what do you think of when you hear "at risk population"? Homeless intoxicated man comes to a "dry" shelter in a winter storm, what do you do? A frail woman wants to cook for you every week you come to check up on her, what do you do?
  4. Heard through the grapevine we should find out about financial aid this week! I just got my email so there's hope! I'm probably going to appeal for more financial aid though.
  5. Hi LincolnLover, Quite honestly, the best advice I ever took from some of the forums about the interview was taking the initiative to talk to the other people who are interviewing with you. Get there early - it says I believe in the email to get there a half hour early at least - and while you're there you'll find some of the other applicants either in the coffee shop or in the waiting area before the interview. Get comfortable with them! Because then if you're not sure of your answer you can hear their's beforehand and bounce your ideas off of each other during the interview. Question
  6. SenegalRPCV don't worry too much about that! My status had said pending interview for almost 2 weeks before I got the invite
  7. I know they're both good programs but in what ways do the programs* differ? I know hunter is more clinical and Columbia more policy but it also has a clinical track just as hunter has policy. How do the two programs compare?
  8. I've gotten into one officially. I started freaking out about Columbia so I sent them an email asking when decisions will be out to which they left me a voicemail saying "verrrrry unofficially it looks positive, so expect a positive response!" so taking that as a bit of a hint, lol.
  9. Just got my acceptance email! 2 down, 3 to go. Had my interview last Friday if that helps.
  10. Hey guys, so I've seen a ton of discussion between, if given the choice, attending Hunter or Columbia, but everyone tends to say to go to Hunter in the end because of cheaper tuition. I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the actual programs? Hypothetically, if money wasn't an issue, long-shot I know, what would be the better program? Thanks
  11. Hey guys Just got the email for my the Hunter Interview!!!!! I submitted my application 1/29/2014 and was completely 1/31/2014. Also, if it says incomplete, you might want to call them. I submitted an unofficial transcript but it says "Received (Not Official)" Hope everyone gets in to their choice of school. Freaking out for this interview now...
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