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  1. I wanted to make a separate post about this because I feel so many people were having problems. So I called and left messages (three), emails (two), and finally someone got back to me to schedule a sit-down and walk through of the school. The student ambassador (SA) I met with was great. She told me that only SA's are available for sit downs/walk-throughs, unless a specific issue needs to be addressed by the asst. dean or admissions rep, etc. There are only a few of them, they're in school full time, and their availability is limited, I think only Tues/Thurs 12 - 5 or something (don’t quot
  2. ^ this. I went to Baruch undergrad….academics were great, the admin/CUNY system-at-large was fucking atrocious. I'm loathing going through it again, but that 25K price tag is looking oh so sweet. My hope is that once you're past the admin crap, things run smoothly and you get a great education.
  3. The campus is in a great area, close to Central Park and Lincoln Center, and both appeal to me. Almost all of the MSW classes take place on one floor; it felt like a community there, for sure. The undergrad business and arts schools occupy some of the other floors....I'm not super excited about being around undergrads, but they seemed fine haha. Overall everyone seemed very welcoming though.
  4. Got word from all my schools: In at NYU, Hunter, and Fordham. Out at Columbia. Fordham has been great with the communication, I've spoken/emailed extensivly with the faculty, and taken a tour of the campus. Hunter? lol...I've called and left messages repeatedly, emailed them four times, and even went up to the campus twice to try to talk to someone...they wouldn't let me upstairs to talk to someone because "I didn't have an appointment". But it hasn't been for lack of trying. I know Hunter is cheap. Hell, they may not have the facilities to have somone on staff to accomodate walk-i
  5. Thanks, Lifesaver. End of March? Super frustrating
  6. Thbansk hiclub2...It's gonna be a long day lol
  7. Message boards are meant for venting lol Experience and age will def put you in a different place than someone straight out of undergrad. When I did the hunter group interview, I was surprised and impressed by how young a few of the interviewees were. I was still eating my boogers at 20. Hunter does sound like a good match for you. good luck!
  8. Got the email from Fordham 2/15...I think I submitted my app the middle of January
  9. Got acceptence email from Fordham last week, waiting on CSSW, NYU, Hunter. Need. To. Know. So bad.
  10. Senegal, why are you trying to transfer from Fordham to Hunter? I've been accepted to Fordham, but I'm still waiting on Hunter. Lifesaver, bummer about Hunter, good luck with the other schools though.
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