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  1. Has anyone heard back from Colorado State-Atmospheric Sciences?
  2. Thank you, obviousbicycle! And OSU as in Ohio State.
  3. Received my acceptance to OSU Geography-Atmospheric Science and Climate! Very ecstatic. I had counted myself out of this one. I just checked the website, so still waiting on details.
  4. The information I received was that only the very top applicants (those they sent to the OSU Graduate School as Fellowship nominees) have been admitted. The remaining applicants who have not yet been denied do not have a concrete date of notification. It all depends on how many of the department's nominees received funding from OSU, and how many spots/departmental funding remains. When I click on more information it just says something about my application has been sent to the department for review. While the website says applicants are notified by March of their status, I do not know if this still applied to the pending applicants. I believe University Fellowships aren't granted until mid-March, so this could be a long and tortuous process haha. I hope you receive good news soon.
  5. Hi All- I saw some PSU rejections are in. I have yet to see any change in my official status, but after emailing the department chair I received a less than optimistic reply. ("Your app is within the top third but we are not confident in the likelihood of you being funded, please keep in touch as the semester progresses") Has anyone heard good news from OSU Master's program? The only acceptances I have seen have been to the PhD program (I convinced myself they decide on these before Master's admissions). I have seen several OSU Master's rejections on this site. My status still says "Pending" but I don't know if this means I have been waitlisted or that I have yet to be cut since to my knowledge no master's admissions have been granted. By the way, my research interests include climate change and glaciology. Good luck to all those still waiting and congrats to those who have been accepted. We should all get a prize for enduring this process.
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